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Welcome to the world of wellbeing.

I am Nicola Forshaw, Director of ‘Nine Wellbeing’, and a BACP registered, accredited counsellor, cognitive behavioural & EMDR trauma-focused psychotherapist, coach and supervisor. As a BUPA approved professional, I offer these therapies in the beautiful coastal area of West Kirby, within the consulting rooms of my private practice ‘Nine Wellbeing’.


About Nine Wellbeing

You may be an individual who is considering psychological therapy to help you to put difficult, potentially traumatic experiences behind you, and move forward with your life. Or, you may be someone who is struggling with aspects of your current life in terms of relationships, work, self image and eating difficulties. The frantic pace of our lives can leave us depressed and anxious. I have personally curated the pages of Nine Wellbeing to inform, as I believe that understanding what is happening is a significant first step to recovery. Read More…

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Nine Wellbeing Philosophy & Values

During 2005, as a trained and experienced life coach I established NJ Coaching,  a private coaching practice, whilst simultaneously training to become a counsellor/psychotherapist. Subsequently, having spent over 11 years working in NHS services, initially as a counsellor and then delivering psychotherapy in specialist eating disorder and personality disorder services, I went on to enjoy an academic career lecturing in Counselling & Psychotherapy at the Universities of Keele and Chester, teaching on Counselling Psychotherapy Master’s Programmes. 

During this time, my academic interest focused upon resilience and the potential for post traumatic growth arising from adverse experiences. In terms of my psychotherapeutic practice, this led to a philosophical re-evaluation of ‘treating’ ‘mental illness’ & and instead I began to embrace the notion of recovery through enhancing resilience and facilitating wellbeing. I set an intention to combine the growth principles of coaching with my academic research and psychotherapeutic training, and during 2013 my first wellbeing practice ‘rooms @ No 9’ emerged in Greasby, Wirral. Due to expansion, this practice has since evolved into ‘Nine Wellbeing’, which encompasses sister companies ‘Nine Coaching’, & ‘Nine Teaching’ and relocated to larger premises in West Kirby.

The philosophy of Nine Wellbeing is to recognise you as an individual, rather than a collection of diagnostic symptoms, and offer you an evidence-based therapeutic approach, to help you not only to recover from adversity, but to explore your potential for resilience and growth through change.  You will engage with your treatment in a serene, private and beautifully appointed setting, within walking distance to the beach. 

In keeping with the wellbeing theme, Nine Wellbeing hosts a philosophy salon Nine Philosophy, which is an engaging and intimate space that enables us to philosophise about the meaning of our existence, and the nature of knowledge. All activities that promote our wellbeing and self care.

In addition to managing ‘Nine Wellbeing’, I hold a strategic project role within Professional Standards of the UK’s largest professional body for Counselling & Psychotherapy, BACP. You can therefore be assured that the values of Nine Wellbeing are that any therapy or coaching you receive will uphold the highest ethical standards and principles.
Please consult the Nine Wellbeing site to find out more about therapeutic services offered. If you have any queries, or would like to book a consultation, please contact me.


About Nine Coaching

Coaching is all about bringing about change through learning and experimentation, and Nine Coaching offers you a stimulating learning environment whether you are an individual who is receiving 1:1 coaching, or training to be a coach. As the Lead Coach & Trainer @ Nine Coaching, I am committed to offering an inspirational learning environment. Read More…


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Coaching – About Nicola

With a long career in coaching, I established my first 1:1 private coaching practice (NJ Coaching) during 2005, which featured on Sky TV & BBC radio. My individual coaching services have since evolved into inspiring and teaching others to train as coaches, and the delivery of bespoke ILM endorsed coach training programmes within private, health & corporate sectors. I have consulted on introducing coaching into medicine and training Senior Consultants in coaching skills and this work has been published in the ‘Coaching Today’ journal.

Along with my associate coaches @ Nine Coaching, we offer an inspirational, challenging learning environment in the form of:

 – Individual coaching packages for anyone seeking to make lasting change in their lives
 – Bespoke coach training programmes for therapists and other allied health professionals to enable them to inspire others to grow.
     – This training is externally endorsed by ILM.
 – 1 day Coach Training Masterclasses for anyone interested in training to become a coach.
 – Advanced Coaching Skills training programmes, externally endorsed by ILM.
 – Consultancy and ILM endorsed training packages for companies seeking to develop an internal coaching strategy.


About Nine Teaching

Nine Teaching offers an area of personal growth for counsellors, psychotherapists and other health care professionals. Visit Nine Teaching to find out more about dynamic CPD events, and consultation services, including clinical supervision.

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